Christmas Posts Everywhere


Yes you've guessed it, I'm gonna talk about Christmas!! *throws flowers*

Just joking I'm not. Truth is, my family NEVER celebrates anything except for Chinese New Year and birthdays. Its not like I'm affected by that nor am i looking forward to celebrate it, but more or less you'd feel a little lonely when everyone is talking about decorating their places and receiving presents while you sit there and finish one pack of chips.

So, just to make myself feel that I'm participating all this, i made a wishlist.
*cough* Actually i'm just using Christmas as an excuse *cough* because I'm broke af right now *cough*

Lossing Your Love One


Hi there. I'm so sorry for neglecting this space, but things have been going crazy the last two week. It's terrible if i have to be honest. My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she is already at the latest stage. My mom quitted her job so that she can be prepared if anything urgent happens and also to accompany my grandmother (she visits her on a daily basis ever since then.)
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