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Yes you've guessed it, I'm gonna talk about Christmas!! *throws flowers*

Just joking I'm not. Truth is, my family NEVER celebrates anything except for Chinese New Year and birthdays. Its not like I'm affected by that nor am i looking forward to celebrate it, but more or less you'd feel a little lonely when everyone is talking about decorating their places and receiving presents while you sit there and finish one pack of chips.

So, just to make myself feel that I'm participating all this, i made a wishlist.
*cough* Actually i'm just using Christmas as an excuse *cough* because I'm broke af right now *cough*

• Oversize Knitted Cardigan & pullover

credits here and here

I love the grainy look and how comfortable it is. My oldest brother owns one and i would steal his and wear it to school haha.

• Denim Outerwear

credits here

Saw my cousin wearing one and i thought it'd be perfect to pair it with a white or black tee and black jeans. But Singapore weather is so freaking warm that if I'm gonna wear it out, I'm risking to be cooked under the sun lmao.

• Cookies & Cream Handcream

During the festive season, it's all about letting your hands smell like cookies, right?:D

So far I've only tried the Cookies & Cream one but I'm in love with it. It smells so sweet! It smells like you just dip your hands into a bucket of cookies (sounds sinful enough, eh?)

It was my friend who let me try it but her's was given by her sister's friend, who bought it from Korea.

• Minimal Cuffs

I'm more of a bracelet person when it comes to accessories, because poor Amanda haz chubby fingers for rings and super short and fat neck for necklaces. I've tried wearing necklaces and i thought i was gonna die because it was legit strangling me (lmao that sound so pathetic fml.)

Until next time.

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