Not An Update


*clears throat* Well hello there, I'm back with a not an update - update. It might seem like I haven't blogged in awhile, but i actually did posted a post under Blogging. However, i reverted it to draft as i was told by a kind soul that the method i used would cause error. Here I apologize for not finding more informations before publishing it. So, I'm gonna use this useless-and-boring update to make up for the previous mistake. Sounds.. great..!

Oh and btw, this blog is going through some changes too. Like a new name? (Not again?!)
By the time you see this post, the name are most probably changed. SORRY IM JUST A VERY FICKLE PERSON THAT NEEDS A TIGHT SLAP. I will try my best to stick with one name. I always says this but still changes my mind ugh.



Annyeong. I didn't know what title i should put up for this post as i didn't want to turn this post into some serious thing, i thought it'd be fun to write out what i think have changed in me. I know that not alot of people would be interested, but i hope i can be the real me on this little blog of mine and i hope that it can be something i can refer to when i grow up.
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