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A makeup review? On this blog? I've never thought a beauty post would appear on my blog, but yes, its on now.

I found this makeup line on Carousell and the price was really cheap. Well, cheap? affordable? Gotta give it a try. To be honest I wasn't even thinking of doing a review when I found it. But I decided to do it because (at that point of time) when I was tempted to buy it, I googled reviews on the MePro brand but I wasn't able to find any. So i decided to give it a try and do a review on it.

MePro Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner

The first liquid liner I bought, but not the best. However, considering the price, for $2.50SGD, its really not something you should nitpick on. As theres this chinese saying, 一分钱一分货. It means you pay what you get. For example, if you paid a low price, you get that same amount for the quality (Shhh, I just choose to believe there might be miracle.)

Aesthetic wise, the eyeliner itself looks and feels cheap. It doesn't really matter to me but if you are someone who might be bothered by it, I'd say it is a rather low quality piece. The eyeliner stick(?) felt as though it is made out of wood, or a very cheap plastic. Okay, it feels like I can easily break it into half.

With an easy-glide, creamy texture that facilitates creating any desired look. Will not skip, smudge or streak.

Yes, easy-glide indeed. It glides smoothly on my wrist and the tip feels soft. However, it is not smudge proof.

Just by swiping my thumb over would smudge it. Let alone putting it on and rub your eyes. You would look like a panda if you did. Also, it is not water proof. I know, they didn't promise it would be water-proof, but just for your information. I didn't have makeup remover with me at that time and luckily (or not), it came right off by rinsing it with water.

MePro Eyebrow Kit

Theres two brow kit. The type #2 are dark brown and brown, and the #1 are black and brown. I got mine in type #1.

• Color picks on really well on my finger, but the color pay off was bad. You have to keep building it to see pigmentation.

• The kit is really small so it's easy to carry around.

• It has a build-in space where you can store that tiny angled brush it came with. But I would recommend using your own angled brush unless you have steady hands that can hold onto a 3 finger tip length brush.

For your information, the above swatches took me 5-6 times to build the color. Therefore, judge the pigmentation yourself aye.

MePro Kissproof Lipstick

The Kissproof lipstick is the best out of the three product I got from MePro. It's incredibly long lasting, does not smudge and its quite waterproof. I have it in shade 09, a sort of nude pink color and I love the color.

One thing to take note, it is super drying. I myself have dry lips, and this lipstick totally emphasized how dry my lips were when I put it on.

This liquid lipstick instantly lifts & hydrates lips. Gives rich, creamy, long wearing color.
Sadly, it is not hydrating like what the product says. It feels as if I was dragging a crayon over my lips, definitely does not hydrates your lips. And its funny how it says liquid lipstick when it aint liquid? XD

*deep breathe* Overall, I do not recommend this three product to anyone. Don't buy it just for the price. Quality over Quantity.

Lastly, bless all the beauty bloggers! It took me almost a year to finish this post, wot?! I tested these product on December 2015, and now - November 2016, I tried all of it once again and edited this post ; that have been sitting in my draft for the longest time.
Tbh I did post it up once but took it down as I wasn't satisfied with the writing style and image. I'm still not satisfied with the photographs, but I tried my best:') Thats all I can do with Oppo F1s' camera haha.

Until next time.

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