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Omg yes I'm actually starting this series on Paper Milk Blog! Weeks ago I actually emailed Michelle, the owner of Daisy Butter. I asked her if I could start this lovely series on my blog and she actually said yes :') I decided to start off with one of the thing I can't live without, Anime. Then I went back to Michelle's blog and realised she started off with A For Anime too! (yeh totally sound like I'm trying to make up an excuse orz)

While Michelle's childhood was 小丸子, mine was 蜡笔小新, also known as Crayon Shin-Chan.
Well, it's a rather "adult" anime for children, but me and my siblings actually watches it since young, even up till now. I have to defend for it when people tell me off by saying it's too "dirty" or sexual for kids. I mean, there are a lot of touching moments too.

But as I grow up, my interest in Anime changed too. When I was younger, I love the type of anime where they transform into some pretty mermaid and sing with love or something like that. However, as I'm a teenager now, I prefer romance anime right now. Anime with hot male lead? YES. Anime with cheesy and 100% skinship? YES. Bring em on~

Its kind of hard to find someone that watches anime too in my secondary school, well, a few. But they prefer action anime more so there's actually nothing much I can discuss with them since some will actually give me that disgusted look like I'm some weird species from outer space that came to the earth to attack human.

Okay okay, enough of yabbering. Let's get to the real deal.

My favourite Anime (hohoho):
• Natsume Yuujinchou ( All season 4 was awesome <3 )
• Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (very, very, very hot male lead)
• Sword Art Online (Season One for me since I didn't really like Season Two)
• Kamisama Hajimemashita
• Wagaya no Oinari-sama

Do you have any anime that you'd love to recommend? I would love to know!
Until next time.

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