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First of all, November literally lasted for like 4 seconds. Secondly, I can't believe it's the last month of 2016 already omg. And can we just talk about the fact that my favourite girl group, 2NE1, disbanded in a situation where they are all not willing to? *cries in konglish* Oh and hello December~

B for Blogging. You might have guessed it, I'm going to talk about how I started blogging... or something like that.
SO TYPICAL?! Yeah I know, I'm that typical girl lmao.

How it started

Okay, I wish I had a touching and inspiring story to tell on how I started my journey on blogging, but no. I started blogging mostly because my oldest brother suggested that it might be suitable for me while I was complaining to him about how much I like to post status on Facebook, but it just seems like too much would be spammy/annoying. He then suggested me to blogging since I love writing online so much. And so, here I am, still blogging about my boring life after 2 years.

Things I blog about

It's funny to say, but I basically blog about anything. Anything that come across my mind ; I feel the need to talk about it, I blog it. Whether if it's interesting or not, I still do it. There were many times I blog about things I know won't be as interesting to most visitors. However, I feel like what's more important is that I really enjoyed writing about it. The excitement and passion I feel really blinds me *in a good way. 

And if I really have to give examples of the things I blog about:

1. Things that happened in my life.
2. Kpop / Dramas / Series / Movies / Manga / Anime.
3. My favourites.
4. Late night thoughts.


Inspirations - hands down one of the most important thing when it comes to blogging (for me). I love reading other amazing blogs to find inspirations from their post.
This "series", A-Z of Luna, was also inspired by Michelle from Daisy Butter. I truly believe that reading will upgrade one's creativity.

Until next time.

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