Refresh 006 | Holidays + Festive Season

An update on my life after a month? Yeah... I was originally planning to make it a weekly update on my life, but I realized my life aren't that full of fun and sparkles. So, I guess maybe a monthly update will do?

Graduation Night

I guess people call this prom? My school decided to call it grad night but yeah.

Drama List 02 | Oct - Nov

Since there's not much good drama these days, I mostly spent my time rewatching all the other completed drama.

Refresh 005

Hey ya, it's me, ya girl. Back with some updates on my not exciting life.

Graduation Ceremony

I've finally graduated! Sort of.

Drama List 01 | July - Sept

I binge on China drama during my absence on this blog, so do expect 99% of it being Chinese drama.

Refresh 004

Checking in with random things that happened recently (or not so recently) in my life.

A good blog

After blogging for almost three years, I must say I'm still really confused with how to have a "good" blog.


maybe, we all tried too hard. 


So I took my N-Level English Oral yesterday,

Queen of the Ring

I can't believe I just found this drama although it's been three months since their last episode.


Well known for being independent and a perfectionist — Virgo. Me, a virgo born on 25th August.

Refresh 003

Hello there, this is your half dead girl here.

Refresh 002

I can't believe we are 1 month away from half of the 2017! I swear time flies so damn fast and the next moment I will be a 60 years old grandma holding my Army bomb as I scream at my computer because BTS just released their 50th music video, pfft HAHA. Gosh that's actually quite dope, I'm gonna be a cool grandma. *Kim Bok Joo's voice* swagggg.

First Love

I should have been kinder. I guess I was just jealous about the fact that she could make you happier than me. Dwelling in that pathetic self pity, I was hurted and angry. Angry that she would go to someone who she knows have hurted me deeply. Hurted that I didn't manage to have any "worthy" memories with him other than sadness.

Current Home and Lock Screen

I guess the previous update was a little emotional, a little heavy, and I'd like to post about something that is less serious (something that is random but still kinda fun heh) and I remembered that Tannya had this post on her blog which I find it cute and interesting — when she shared her home and lock screen wallpaper. Since she said "Consider yourself tagged", I'm gonna shamelessly do it too HAHA.


SHE DISAPPEARED AGAIN WTF yeh I'm sorry for that :') Oh! Here comes the excuse — Exams. I really don't wanna explain why and how but life just got so busy that theres only a few things I do in a day and that's it. I struggle with time management. Especially when I usually take almost a day to complete one blog post, I tend to avoid blogging. I avoid it to the point where I stop reading other people's blog too because I know I will get inspired and tempted to write a blog post.

Refresh 001

Gosh, I tried so hard to come up with a title for this sort of 'update' posts without using the word update. I ended up using the word 'refresh' as you can define it as give new strength/energy, or update something (yes I know, it's update something on display, but who really cares?) Glad to know that I'm already chattering non stop before I even start on the main things, great.

My Top 5 Kdramas

Also known as my favorite topic to talk about. It gets me so hyper and excited heh. My top 5 Kdrama — that I love and forever wanna re-watch. Basically, I watch alot of Kdramas, but there's only a few that I truly love and would actually re-watch the whole drama after it ended. And today, I'm gonna share it with you guys (because why not, right?)

Oh It's 2017

Oh wow, it's 2017! Honestly don't feel like 2016 ended... This is so embarrassing; I actually wanted this post to be up on the January 1st of 2017, but I guess it would be the 10-15th when this post is up but yeah man. First week of 2017 kinda ended and I'm already dead inside. I mean, I'm dead inside long ago, but 2017's first week was stress af. Gotta blame myself for not being able to manage my own time right, but holy! I was legit squeezing all my brain juice while trying to complete my holiday assignments.
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