My Top 5 Kdramas


Also known as my favorite topic to talk about. It gets me so hyper and excited heh. My top 5 Kdrama — that I love and forever wanna re-watch. Basically, I watch alot of Kdramas, but there's only a few that I truly love and would actually re-watch the whole drama after it ended. And today, I'm gonna share it with you guys (because why not, right?)

Oh It's 2017


Oh wow, it's 2017! Honestly don't feel like 2016 ended... This is so embarrassing; I actually wanted this post to be up on the January 1st of 2017, but I guess it would be the 10-15th when this post is up but yeah man. First week of 2017 kinda ended and I'm already dead inside. I mean, I'm dead inside long ago, but 2017's first week was stress af. Gotta blame myself for not being able to manage my own time right, but holy! I was legit squeezing all my brain juice while trying to complete my holiday assignments.
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