Refresh 002


I can't believe we are 1 month away from half of the 2017! I swear time flies so damn fast and the next moment I will be a 60 years old grandma holding my Army bomb as I scream at my computer because BTS just released their 50th music video, pfft HAHA. Gosh that's actually quite dope, I'm gonna be a cool grandma. *Kim Bok Joo's voice* swagggg.

First Love


I should have been kinder. I guess I was just jealous about the fact that she could make you happier than me. Dwelling in that pathetic self pity, I was hurted and angry. Angry that she would go to someone who she knows have hurted me deeply. Hurted that I didn't manage to have any "worthy" memories with him other than sadness.

Current Home and Lock Screen

I guess the previous update was a little emotional, a little heavy, and I'd like to post about something that is less serious (something that is random but still kinda fun heh) and I remembered that Tannya had this post on her blog which I find it cute and interesting — when she shared her home and lock screen wallpaper. Since she said "Consider yourself tagged", I'm gonna shamelessly do it too HAHA.
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