SHE DISAPPEARED AGAIN WTF yeh I'm sorry for that :') Oh! Here comes the excuse — Exams. I really don't wanna explain why and how but life just got so busy that theres only a few things I do in a day and that's it. I struggle with time management. Especially when I usually take almost a day to complete one blog post, I tend to avoid blogging. I avoid it to the point where I stop reading other people's blog too because I know I will get inspired and tempted to write a blog post.

But still, your girl here managed to use her precious saturday to type this post out :D (and probably disappear again because theres more exams coming up lmao)

I have no idea what to write but you can just accompany me as I share about my thoughts on blogging and this blog of mine.

I recently realized that I'm more of a reader than a writer. I'm very self conscious when I blog because English isn't my strongest language, and I bet I have tons of grammatical errors too. That's also the main reason why I take very long to update my content. I normally do multiple checkings, reading the blog post I typed to ensure that I correct my english to minimum errors. But it gets really tiring and if I were to get one dollar for each time I give up on writing something because of my english, I'd be a millionaire.

However, I love reading other people's blog. Blogs like Mlkbox, musingful, and Missing Wanderer are the blogs that inspired me the most. I truly admire how they can show their truest self to their readers and voice out their thoughts. Though it's my goal to be as real as I can on the internet, there are many times when I feel very lost and didn't know how to present myself on the internet. I feel the need to type in a certain way or joke in a certain way so that I can be that "special" blogger. But sooner or later, I realize that that person blogging is not me. It's not the real me — I'm not that much of a positive person, I'm not that gentle in real life, I use vulgarities a lot when I talk etc etc.

I tried to show the good side of me while I'm blogging. I tried to refrain from using vulgarities because I wanted to be that "friendly blogger". But does it mean that if I use vulgarities, I'm automatically that rude blogger? I don't fucking think so. This is the real me, and I've decided that I'm not going to sugar coat everything about me. I want to be true to the people reading my blog and I want to share my thoughts and opinion without thinking that "Oh, my english sucks. I bet no one can understand what I'm trying to say so I'm not going to post it."

I'm going to stop sugar coating about myself and start showing the real me. The me that uses vulgarities, the me that uses lame kpop jokes, the me that is sassy af, and the me that talks about whatever I wanna talk about.

I hope yall are still with me after this, but if you're not going to be, then I hope you're healthy and happy for the rest of your life (???) HAHA that's it then.

Until next time.

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