The Box.


Maybe we all have this box somewhere  deep inside our heart.

Train To Unknown


Crave for changes, yet fear changes.

Dear Fourteen


Dear 14 years old Luna,

Hello, nice to meet you. I came across one of your draft post on this blog today, which was very sad, and thought I'd share with you what's on my mind now after reading it.

I Can Never Share My Life


Technically, I've been sharing my life with my family ever since I was born, but read on.

Refresh 009


Hi! I'm back, not dead. Honestly, half-dead. But just gonna stay positive for a few seconds, hah.

Watch List #03


What do you do when you have a two weeks holiday? Binge on all the movies and dramas, duh!

My Chinese New Year


Happy Lunar New Year! Gong xi fa cai to all my Chinese readers and whoever that celebrates it! It was quite fun compared to last year's.

Refresh 008 | Fuck Negativity


Hello there, I survived college for almost two months, yay.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay


It's okay
not to be okay,
you don't always have to be okay.

It's Time To Make Changes


I've been feeling so off lately when I think about this blog of mine. Uninspired, no more passion, and alot more indescribable feelings.

Refresh 007 | Rollercoaster


Well, I guess 2018 wasn't really a great start. I took a break from blogging because my mind was in a mess for awhile

Logan Paul | Suicide Forest


You don't upload a video that includes you filming someone else who committed suicide.

2017 Film Highlight


A compilation curated by yours truly, appreciating those good dramas and movies in 2017

Happy 2018


Happy 2018 buds!! It felt like yesterday when I complained about stressful exams and short holidays. Can't believe I've graduated and moving on to college. Oh, and I can't believe it has been two years or so ever since I started this blog!
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