It's Time To Make Changes


I've been feeling so off lately when I think about this blog of mine. Uninspired, no more passion, and alot more indescribable feelings.

Refresh 007 | Rollercoaster


Well, I guess 2018 wasn't really a great start. I took a break from blogging because my mind was in a mess for awhile

Logan Paul | Suicide Forest


You don't upload a video that includes you filming someone else who committed suicide.

2017 Film Highlight


A compilation curated by yours truly, appreciating those good dramas and movies in 2017

Happy 2018


Happy 2018 buds!! It felt like yesterday when I complained about stressful exams and short holidays. Can't believe I've graduated and moving on to college. Oh, and I can't believe it has been two years or so ever since I started this blog!
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