Rosy Face is an online journal of mine, a small space named after my rosy cheeks, which kind of looks like a baboon's ass when I laugh too hard. It's an journal where I express my unfiltered and personal thoughts. I also try my best to document all the memorable moments here despite my boring life. On this blog, I post about basically everything from drama reviews to late night thoughts. I've been blogging since 2015 at my own pace and if you're interested, click here to know more about this blog!

Hello there

Hello bud, I'm Luna (it's a pseudonym, which I fancy more than my real name), pleased to meet you. I was born in Singapore on August 25th 2001, a combination of INTP-T, INFP-T and ISFP-T. I know, it's crazy. I took the test countless time and always ended up with something different from my previous result /shrugs/. As a virgo baby, I'm a lazy perfectionist and a weird extroverted introvert. When I'm not watching films, I'm either zoning out, or dreaming about things that'd only happen in romance drama.

What else? I love me some good sleep, chilly weathers, cold milk, and milo. My music playlist are filled with mostly Chinese and Korean music — with a few English songs. I'm a BTS trash and I unintentionally allowed them to ruin my life. Last but not least, I love watching dramas (from different countries, but mainly Chinese and Korean drama), tv series and movies.

These words I write keep me from total madness.
— Charles Bukowski
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