I Can Never Share My Life


Technically, I've been sharing my life with my family ever since I was born, but read on.

Background story — my aunt, and her dog moved in as her house is under renovation. I wasn't worried at first as I didn't think much, neither did I thought my lifestyle would be affected by the slightest. I thought so.

Weeks passed and I'm almost at my limit. Things like speaking loudly when I'm sleeping, dog shitting and peeing all over the kitchen, and my bed being slept by people other than me. Oh and can you imagine me, a Virgo who doesn't allow humans who haven't bathed to even sit on my bed, currently has a dog that smells sleeping and rubbing itself on my bed?

The only thought I have now is to wash and change all the bedsheets once my aunt returns to her home. Ugh, the urge is killing me. All these made me realize how hard it would be to live with someone coming from a different family.

I have lots of pet peeves. I'm not an easy going person and I'm definitely not the easiest person to get along with. I'm hot-tempered and impatient; it's very easy to tell when I'm pissed at something you did, which is not the nicest thing. I can hardly find friends who can get along well with my difficult personality, don't even talk about marriage. I would either leave my partner because I can't take his lifestyle, or he would leave me because of my crazy self-centered lifestyle. I guess all that proves my point of me being a difficult person to live with, and that's why I think it's impossible for me to share my life with someone.

It's nearly impossible for me to find someone that's suitable for me and matches my liking, let alone live with someone that's unpredictable. Yup, I can never share my life.

Are you an easy going person or are you like me? 

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